Real Estate Email Newsletter Samples

They are lovely.

Each one of our monthly real estate e-newsletters is designed to increase the value, safety, or enjoyment your readers get from their current or future home.

(The bottom line: Who doesn't want that?)

Check out three of our samples below... and please note that these are copyrighted, so use them for review only.  Thank you!

Sample 1: Kitchen Design Trends

Sample 2: The 2015 Housing Market

Sample 3: Notable Home Products

A Few Important Notes

Your greeting can be virtually whatever you like, such as "Dear First Name", "Hello First Name", etc.  If there is no first name for a contact the default style is "Greetings!"

Our e-newsletters are optimized to look great on smartphones. (View the samples on a smartphone to see what we mean.)

You'll notice that we include a couple of short sections about other topics for people who may not feel like reading about real estate that month.  These sections are surprisingly popular.

The bottom section of your e-newsletter will actually look like this:

Real estate e-newsletter footer sample

Notice the business address, unsubscribe link, and the less salesy version of the "Benchmark Email" badge. (The archived newsletter defaults to what you saw in the samples.) 

There's more, but you get the picture. 🙂  We care about quality, we respect your clients' time, and we value your professional reputation.  You will see this reflected in every e-newsletter we create for you.